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KLC Gogo Loves English

Gogo Loves English New Edition is an exciting, six-level elementary course for young learners of American English. The playful characters, exciting games and catchy songs help teachers create a fun and motivating environment for children. The six levels of Gogo Loves English include:

Cambridge English: Young Learner Examinations (YLE)

There are three levels for children to work through, Starters, Movers and Flyers, with Starters being the first, aimed at young children with very basic skills who are aged 4 or above. As children develop and work their way up to the Flyers certificate, they reach a level that will enable them to aim for the Cambridge English: Key (KET) or the Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) in our General English range of certificates – qualifications which will be of value for further study.

YLE ExaminationsKLC Pre-schoolOthers
StartersAt Age 4-5Usually at Age 8
MoversAt Age 5-6Usually at Age 9-10
FlyersAt age 7-9Usually at Age 11-12

Why should your child take Cambridge English Language Assessment?

  • Clear progress - Whatever your child's current age, ability, or reason for studying, Cambridge English Language Assessment has an examination which will be appropriate for him or her to work towards. Attaining each certificate is a step that leads naturally to taking a more challenging examination.
  • Recognition - A qualification in English is an important asset for your child to take full advantage of the opportunities that tomorrow's world of work will offer.
  • Cambridge English: Young Learners (YLE) and Cambridge English Language Assessment are recognised by thousands of educational organisations and employers throughout the world


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