Toddlers Programme

Shiny Stars Program (18 months – 36 months)
KLC Toddlers Key Programme

Shiny Stars Program supports the physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of each child. Toddlers strengthen speech and language development and both fine and gross motor skills as they explore self, family and the world in which they live. Shiny Stars Program prepares the children for preschool work by exposing them to each area of Shiny Stars Program curriculum. The toddlers learn concentration, coordination, language skills, responsibility and respect—all of which prepare them well for a successful transition into preschool in Kid’s Planet Kindergarten.

KLC Toddlers Key Programme


  • Interactive play, music and dance
  • Outdoor Time
  • Soft gym and Yoga
  • Fine motor skill
  • Numeracy and languages
  • Creative Art
  • Sign Language

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