What is the timetable and schedule in school?

Normally we will have outdoor activities in the early morning (8:30am to 9:30am), after that children will take their tea break. Then they will start their subject lesson at 10am. Sometimes, different levels have different activities in the morning, example we have kids yoga for LV 2, 3, 4 children, Speech & Drama class and Art & Craft.

How about the afternoon session?

Afternoon session, children will have lunch, shower and napping time. But the most important is we provide "Revision time" for fullday students. It can help the children those who are lacking behind and teachers will run the readers and flashcards too. Of course they will have some relaxing time in the afternoon.

What do they eat? Why don't have chicken? Only vegetables? Is kakak cook in the morning?

The helper prepares all the foods that provide for the children in the morning. Even the kaya is made by ourselves. Because we have Malay students and teachers, that's why our foods are halal. We not only provide one type of vegetable, children in KLC preschool will have chance to different types of the vegetables, it's good for their health! Most of the children dont like to eat vegetables, but KLC students are willing to try.

How do we teach the children? Montessori or others?

We are not a Montesorri school. KLC Preschool has our own syllabus and we have designed 5 early stages of development and we built a foundation for kids to learn, play and grow.

How do we punish the children?

Our teachers are not allowed to give any form of physical punishment to the children. Every child in KLC preschool have their own stamp cards, and presents can be redeemed from it after they get enough stamps. Teachers encourage the students to behave and perform well as it helps them to get more stamps. We prefer encouragement more than punishment.

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